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The stakes are high in healthcare – and they’re getting higher every day. Members and other stakeholders expect more, yet at the same time, there is increasing regulation and complex data and systems’ requirements. It all adds up to more complexity for your campaigns and programs. Good thing we’ve invested in the technology, processes and capabilities to help cut through that complexity.

Our Capabilities

We make sure every member communication starts with clean, secure, and reliable data combined with rules-based and compliant content selection.

Leverage our automated composition platform and integrate database programming, content libraries, and complex business rules to create dynamic pages across channels.

Whether preprinted and bound at one of our conventional printing facilities or printed and personalized on-demand, your communications benefits from the right mix of technologies that fit healthcare applications.

Our mail and fulfillment services are bolstered by equipment options for all types of package sizes and enclosures with tracking that ensures the content handled is error-free and complete.

Healthcare solutions that protect you, your data, and those you serve.

Tailored Solutions
Campaigns, Customized
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Accelerate the Workflow

We provide a suite of products and services that have been designed and implemented with the healthcare industry’s unique requirements in mind.  We leverage strengths in print and mail, a commitment to physical and virtual security and redundancy, and our page-level tracking and closed-loop/zero-defect production capabilities.

We support hundreds of campaigns and communication programs that span the pre-sale, enrollment, and post-enrollment stages of the healthcare communication spectrum.

Our healthcare team has the subject-matter expertise and experience that is required to support your business, especially given the statutory and compliance-based regulations and challenges we face every day.

We’ve designed our state-of-the-art collaboration portal, CommandCommCentral, with your unique needs in mind. It maintains the highest levels of security, but has been built with a responsive and flexible design to adjust to your changing needs. Edit files, provide approvals, manage products and kits, or search archives – everything you need is available in a single, customizable view.

Breaking down barriers for deeper engagement and greater empowerment.

Securing your data.

We know that regulated industries need to ensure their processes and data have the complete audit trail and are archived and searchable according to guidelines. Our processes are time tested, ISO certified, and comply with the strictest data security standards, including HIPAA and HITRUST.

Achieving process improvements.

Our full-spectrum services help you save time and reduce overall costs, ensure compliance and provide opportunities for process improvements along the way, setting the stage for more robust and dynamic member communications.

Support for your business initiatives.

Our team of healthcare experts will work with your teams and related stakeholders to reach your corporate communication and cost reduction goals. We become an extension of your organization – partners in your success.

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