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Plot twist: Production at the speed of demand.

In today’s fast-moving landscape, publishers must deliver content at the speed of demand – long runs, first runs, medium reprints, print-on-demand, replenish on demand – it’s all in a day’s work at Command.

Our Capabilities

Regardless of the type of book, journal or directory, or your volume requirements and specific needs, we have the most effective print approach: from conventional offset printing to digital printing, we offer cutting-edge technology to ensure the highest quality print regardless of paper choice, page size, or run length.

We work with our clients to manage their assets, integrate with 3rd party or our own inventory systems, identify economic order quantities and opportunities for print on demand, and dropship directly from our plants to minimize freight costs and time to market.

We wrote the book on printing books!

Engineered for Scale
Integration Services
Life Cycle Support
Extending our Value

Through the engineering efficiencies we’ve achieved for our larger clients, our smaller clients also have benefited from innovation that has helped the economics of shorter run lengths, larger title libraries and dynamic content mash-ups.

By accessing content and integrating it with order feeds from multiple disparate systems and web portals, we can offer our clients benefits from the efficiencies realized from increased automation and shared run plans.

We consider all stages of the life of a document and provide the underlying technology to prepare and access content, print and bind quantities big and small, and provide storage and distribution services.

We provide additional services that complement the products we print and bind.  Some services protect, decorate and enhance, while others package products together, and others help promote sales and marketing.

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Quality, Cost Per Page, Speed to Market

From the highest quality reproductions and archival binding methods, to technical text books with color illustrations, to children’s books, and to the more practical and compliant directories, journals, and guides, we have the right mix of printing and binding capabilities.

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We have always been driven by what our clients need and by what innovation can deliver. We are committed to maintaining our promises, and to growing our position and serving our clients. If history is any predictor of the future, we will continue to inspire, to innovate and succeed.

Generations of publishing expertise

When you work with Command Companies, you get the best and the brightest our industry has to offer and that includes specific expertise of the publishing industry. We have been printing adult and children’s books, directories, guides, text books, testing prep books, and journals for decades. We understand the publishing industry and the forces that continue to shape it.

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