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Who hasn’t been impressed by a spot of gloss varnish, the touch of a textured leather finish or the professional look of saddle stitching? Audiences react to the tactile experiences of unique finishes and binding options. That’s why we’ve assembled the finishing and binding capabilities and expertise in-house that allow our clients to make every communication a slam dunk.

Our Capabilities

Command Companies offer the most binding options available including saddle stitching, corner and side stitching, perfect binding, paste binding, mechanical binding, and hardcover case binding (adhesive and sewn).

Our finishing capabilities include trimming, folding, scoring, perforating, foil stamping, embossing, die cutting, converting, laminating, inserting, polywrapping, hand kitting and more!

Inline print coatings and processes, including UV and aqueous coatings in gloss, dull, and satin finishes, as well as textured finishes, including sandpaper, soft touch, pearlescent, leather, glitter and raised rough.

Whether designing and producing slip cases for book volumes, structural folding cartons for consumer products, or dimensional collateral and direct mail pieces, Command maintains the necessary design, rendering, composite production, die cutting and converting capabilities in-house.

When only a finished product will do.

One-stop Shopping
Control - Start to Finish
Speed to Market
Cost Containment

Our clients value the single point of contact we offer for every product we support and the knowledge that we produce it all in-house.  This single-source advantage means we have the expertise to ensure your job is planned correctly from the beginning – all with the end product in mind.

The quality and integrity of your project remains in our control from beginning to end with all of our skilled experts working together throughout the manufacturing process with a single-quality objective.

Maintaining the binding and finishing processes in-house means that your project can be planned to meet even the most aggressive schedules. Larger runs benefit from concurrent processing, ultimately reducing time to market.

With all our value-added services in-house, our cost controls are even greater.  We don’t need to contract with third parties for binding or finishing, or pay the freight to move your projects to and from other suppliers. And with time to market minimized, the cost for expedited freight can be eliminated completely!

Work with the right team to make the right impression.

Complete product design

Delivering an amazing complement of services is further enhanced with a team of design professionals with product and CAD expertise to make sure your project is designed properly from the beginning with every capability and experience built into the design for the highest-quality and cost-effective production methods in mind.

On Demand Production

A complete offering is essential to the on-demand world we live and work in. The markets we serve value time to market and our ability to turn on a dime to respond to replenish alerts and requests from the field. Printing on demand is only effective if you can also bind and finish on demand.

Quality starts with the end goal in mind

We can deliver countless examples of how we were able to reduce costs for clients, improve function, or expedite delivery simply by planning and manufacturing with the end in mind. While finishing is the last thing to happen, it often needs to be the first thing considered to meet our clients’ objectives. Our in-house capabilities and expertise provides us with a competitive advantage in getting the job done right!

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