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Today’s financial services firms struggle with the pace and breadth of evolving regulations and filing requirements. That’s why it’s so important to partner with a company that not only understands financial printing in and out but can also deliver the tools and expertise to meet filing requirements fast and efficiently.

Our Capabilities

Launched in 2005, the Command Automated Publishing System (CAPS) is a best-of-breed solution for content and document assembly. The solution allows leading fund companies to re-purpose information required in shareholder reports, prospectuses and other documents.

A full range of document lifecycle management solutions provides our clients with a customized, user-friendly experience, regardless of their specific needs. 

Document creation services include our proven composition technology, professional customer service and proofreading staff, and secure infrastructure. 

Command has remained on the cutting edge of financial filings. Our dedicated EDGAR filing specialists communicate frequently with the Securities and Exchange Commission to remain current with the most recent rules and regulations, including XBRL.

Financial printing, with the savvy to ensure 100% filing success rates.


We provide customized, best-of-breed solutions for managing our financial clients’ data, document and distribution needs. Rather than limiting our clients to the capabilities of a single platform, we leverage technology to take advantage of innovations in the marketplace, offering market-leading data room, deal room, XBRL conversion, document management and other solutions to meet our clients’ evolving needs. 

Our model is unique in the financial industry: world-class document management and printing capabilities from a company sized to consistently deliver personalized service. We ensure the highest standards of speed and accuracy by employing advanced technology and experienced professionals and executives who are involved throughout your project.

Our knowledgeable staff not only includes experts in financial printing, but professionals who have worked in securities law, financial reporting, fund administration, investment banking, and other corporate positions. We leverage deep, in-house resources to provide counsel on details of SEC rules, EDGAR and XBRL, and GAAP accounting.

We’ve worked with many of the world’s largest corporations, top corporate law firms, leading investment management firms, and private investment firms on a global basis. Our work for these diverse clients ranges from capital financings, including IPOs and secondary offerings, to M&A, and corporate compliance, as well as prospectuses, and shareholder reports.

Experience and technology applied to redefine financial printing.

Balancing competing priorities and tight deadlines.

Service isn’t just something that we deliver, it is the core of who we are. We collaborate with our clients to determine the scope of your project, price it accurately and quickly respond to the inevitable changes on a tight time frame. Each job is assigned a single point of contact and a dedicated team empowered with the authority to do whatever it takes to ensure your total satisfaction.

Much more than financial printing.

Command Financial is far more than a printer. We are a true partner to our clients, who benefit from knowledgeable staff with deep expertise on SEC rules, EDGAR and XBRL, and GAAP accounting to assist in ensuring that information is accurate and that every job is done right. This is one reason Command boasts a 100% XBRL filing success rate with no suspensions or warnings from the SEC.

Data security, peace of mind.

Command Financial understands that the confidentiality and safety of sensitive financial documents is critical, which is why we have instituted industry-leading best practices, so our clients can be assured that their information is safe and secure. Our Quality Management System has been assessed by external auditors and found to be in conformance to both the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 standards. We also utilize SunGard Data Systems for key aspects of disaster recovery and business continuity.

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